A journeyman's day is less strenuous, though no less full than an apprentices'. Hours aren't nearly as strict, due to the amount of time most journeyman spend up at night observing or doing other work that can only be done with the stars visible. Once attaining the rank of journeyman, they are assigned to one or two masters to study under as their mentors, based on what the journeyman desires to learn. They are expected to run errands for their master, assist in teaching classes, and be repsectful. In turn, the master supervises the journeyman's classes and helps them to attain the highest level of education they are able to attain. As well, the master supervises the projects needed for the journeyman to advance to senior status, and from there to their mastery project. However, a student must be at least 24-25 turns before being eligible for promotion.

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