The Starcraft of Pern is much like regular Astronomy on Earth. The basis of the craft is Observation and discovering new stars, information, and other celestial bodies. The charters of the stars and watches of the skies, the StarSmiths plot, chart, and map the motions of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies in the heavens. They are extremely knowledgeable in optics and mathematics.
There are Seven Subcrafts of the Starcraft on PernWorld Mush. They areā€¦

Observation - This subcraft charts skies and celestial bodies. The examine and discover new formations and celestial bodies.

Weather - This subcraft studies the weather patterns and predicts the weather of the planet.

Math - This subcraft studies the celestial mechanics and the equations and distances from bodies in space. They also plot the courses of celestial bodies.

Theory - This subcraft studies the formation of celestial bodies and other related objects. On earth, the theory subcrafters would be the ones studying the Big Bang and how the world was created.

Physics - This subcraft studies the Whys of the universe and astronomy. Crafters in this subcraft study the science of physics and celestial mechanics.

Glass/Metal - This subcraft builds and constructs far viewers and other types of telescopes and microscopes. They also make the materials needed for the viewers.

General Astronomy - Crafters in this subcraft dabble a bit in every subcraft. They could be a journeyman in each field but instead of choosing one, they choose them all.

Solar System - This subcraft studies the planets, the solar system, and other systems. This subfield was started by C'one.

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