Report on the Subcrafts of the StarCraft, by Gareth


The Weather subcraft is the study of weather. It's important to know how to predict the weather so we know when it is a good time to look at the sky without any interference. I've learned just the basics and could fairly do good at predicting the weather.


The Physics subcraft is about how the heavenly bodies react to each other and the way they move and such. So far I have learned how are solar system works and what keeps everything in place. I have also learned how the Red star was trapped in our system and what was done to move it.


The Observing subcraft is what it says, observation of the sky and the stars. I have learned a great deal of constellations and individual stars. I've even looked at our moons and learned some of their surface features.


The Math subcraft is all about calculations and how to use them. It help s us out in figuring distances, how long it takes something to travel in space, etc. I learned everything up to basic algebra.


The Glass/Metal subcraft which is also my favorite is about the construction of the various viewers and how they work. I learned the most in this subcraft. I know how to calculate the various equations needed to successfully build a working viewer. I'm hoping to be a master in this field one day.


The Theory subcraft is about how things are supposed to react to given circumstances and what happens in other circumstances. I think this subcraft is importent to the glass/metal subcraft in being that it explains how light reacts to the different shapes of glass and mirrors. I've learned how light reacts to different types of glass as well as for mirrors and to use that knowledge to apply it to viewer construction.

General Astronomy

The General Astronomy subcraft is all the other subcrafts thrown together. It's for those who do not wish to specialize in a particular subcraft. Since I have learned a little from each subcraft you could say I learned quite a lot in this one.

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