Solar System Experiment, by C'one

Report of my experiment with examining nearest solar system:

Chapter 1. Theoretic part.
Because I don't have so powerful a telescope to /see/ the planet - I decided to make something to just 'feel' it. For start:

  1. I know that nearest star is eradiating the light and all planets, which are gyrating around this star will reflect this light.
  2. Also, I know that reflected light will be different from star light. It will have another strength and another color.
  3. I know that phosphor can imbibe light and then glowing so brightly so much light it's imbibed.

So, If I'll place simple piece of phosphor under telescope, and some time later I'll take it away and look at it in darkness and through microscope, I will see something like that: All piece is glowing the same, but some points are glowing a little brightly then all others. 99% that this points are glowing brightly because they imbibe more light, i.e. light from star + light reflected from planets.

If I will make this experiment with some pieces of phosphor - I will know how many planets are in the nearest solar system.

Chapter 2. Practice part.
I came to Mining CraftMaster and asked him to give me some phosphor, that glows in the dark. He gave it to me and I made some thin plates. Then I went to Xanadu Weyr and from there observatory focused telescope to nearest star. I placed one of this plates under ocular of telescope and hold it there for hour. Then, I went to my weyr and put out all lanterns. And this plate glow in dark. I know that human eye is not very good for examination of small objects, so I called my flit and dragon and they looked at plates till it didn't become dim. Their pictures of this bright points on plate was the same. But for more accuracy I did the same with every of my 9 plates.

Now there are 9 pictures of bright points in minds of my flit and dragon. Those pictures are the same. So… Now I can say that there are 6 objects in nearest solar system.

Chapter 3. Final.
Now I can tell, that there are 6 planets in this solar system.

Planets: (in order of their size)
1. It's the smallest planet. May be it's just an asteroid.
4. This planet is bigger then 1st. But may be it is becouse it's satellites…
3. Normal planet. It is third, like Pern. :)
2. A little bigger then 3-rd, but also looks normal.
5. Big planet. May be something like big piece of stone…
6. The biggest planet. Even bigger then planet could be… May be it has many small asteroids around, who knows?

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